How does a House and Land Package work?

A house and land package is where you have the land contract (the contract to buy the land) at the same time as you have the construction contract (the contract with our builders to build the house you want).

Generally, a house and land package is sold by our  builders and developers, so you are actually buying the land from the builder/developer who will proceed to build your home on your purchased land. This means that both contracts are in play at the same time.

We Offer a number of standard or customization home designs, so that you can choose the block of land you want and the features you’d like in your new home.

A potential benefit of buying your new home this way is that you can ensure you get a property that suits your needs. Buying a new home can also help you plan your finances with confidence, with low maintenance costs and no major repair expenses in the foreseeable future.

Another benefit is that environmentally friendly materials and features are often part of the package, as sustainability has become a benchmark in the industry.


House and land package general procedure


Construction phase of your new home

Once the land is settled (you have paid for the land), Our builders will start construction and will request progress payments during the construction phase.Progress payment is applicable for House & Land packages, periodic payment will occur during different stages of the project.


Construction process