1. How much will my bond be?
In an overwhelming majority of cases, the bond is 4 weeks rent. However, each tenancy is considered independently, with the bond calculated accordingly.
2. When do I need to pay my bond and who holds my bond?
Your bond will need to be paid in full by the time you move in. By law, all bonds collected are held by the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA). You will receive a written confirmation containing your bond lodgement reference number.
3. What If I don’t pay my rent?
If, for any reason, you miss a payment your property manager will contact you to check and see if there are any problems. Should this rent remain or continue to be unpaid, you will be issued with a 14-day notice. If rent is still not paid in this time, then an application is made with the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal to schedule a mediation hearing. If the mediation turns out unsuccessful then an order will be made against you for rental arrears (tenancy may also be terminated).
4. What happens if I breach my tenancy agreement?
If you fail to treat the property as required for the time period agreed upon or fail to maintain the original condition (at the start of the lease) then you will be liable for any costs involved in restoring the property back to the standard requirement. Note that modifications to the property must be approved by landlord in order to be performed.
We highly recommend that tenants read the lease agreement carefully in order to avoid issues down the track.
5. Can my rent be increased?
Under the Residential Tenancies Act 1997, rent can only be increased once every 180 days and the tenant must be given 60 days written notice of any increase.
6. How frequent will inspections be?
We conduct routine inspections once every 6 months. Tenants receive written notice of all inspections at least 48 hours prior.
7. Who do I contact if something needs repairing?
Please contact our office on (03) 9853 2211 and leave a message for your property manager. In the case of urgent repairs our reception staff may be of your assistance to help arrange a solution as soon as possible.
8. Can I get a rental reference?
Once your tenancy as ceased, you may request a written reference from your property manager.
9. Do I have to give notice before vacating my property?
Yes. If you are on a periodic lease you are required to give 21 days written notice before vacating. The time for this notice is taken from the time it reaches our office so please add 4 days (25 days) to allow for postage. Notice may be taken via post, fax or email.
On the other hand, you cannot give notice if you are on a fixed term lease. However, should your circumstances change and you have to vacate your property before the intended fixed term lease expiry date, please contact your property manager as early as possible to discuss the options.
10. Can I use my bond to pay for the last rent payment?